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i am confused how to attach my php and javascript code in with their modules etc.. can anyone recommend me with tutroial so that i can understand ..

I tried making static pages but could find the way to write php code.. all extension their i found out are about inserting the php code as in to the pages but not executing .. banging head on wall

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You can use the Sourcerer plugin ( in order to be able to code php/javascript straight into articles and have it execute on the page.

It works really well - is a simple installation and runs well.

If you're having issue with the code disappearing on you, read through the documentation - you can change the tags to [[ instead of < and it will save the code in the article for you and it works really well.

Best plugin I've used for executing JS/PHP inside articles/modules.

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is it possible to include an external php file with sourcerer? Jumi plugin used to be able to do this. Coding in the article box is such a pain. – Thupten Oct 27 '13 at 3:04
I believe so. It allows almost all PHP coding if I recall correctly - so if you can do it in PHP, you can include that into the article without issue; this should include linking to external files. Also, I agree - coding in the article box is a pain! I wish they included a way to write pure PHP by default, that would be such a huge plus! – Hanny Oct 30 '13 at 13:45

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