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I'm working on a CGI script that is called from a piece of software (that I can't change). The variables submitted by the software are giving me problems, because if they contain non-ascii characters they look like this:

ÿFFFFDEetta er texti meÿFFFFF0 ÿFFFFEDslenskum stÿFFFFF6fum

instead of

Þetta er texti með íslenskum stöfum.

I've tried messing with the Encode::decode function but nothing has come of it - all I've gotten it to do is change how the ÿ gets represented.

So yeah, I'm kind of stumped. What do I do to change all the ÿFFFFDEs into Þs and so on, without resorting to replacing each non-ascii character individually (which is not a solution because this needs to work for languages I don't even speak)?

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It seems that your script is working on octects. Is there a software between your CGI and invoking program? How did you configure that CGI to handle Unicode? –  Marco De Lellis Sep 28 '11 at 12:21

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use Encode qw(decode);
use Encode::Escape qw();

$_ = 'ÿFFFFDEetta er texti meÿFFFFF0 ÿFFFFEDslenskum stÿFFFFF6fum';
decode('iso-8859-1', decode('unicode-escape', $_));
# returns 'Þetta er texti með íslenskum stöfum'
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Perfect! Thank you. It was the unicode-escape that eluded me. –  Swooper Sep 28 '11 at 14:00

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