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I would like to know which is the best way to clean up resources in the newly fashioned ViewModelLocator for MVVM-Light V4. As far as I know, until version 3, the method ViewModelLocator.Cleanup() invoked the rest of the viewmodels' Cleanup() methods.

In version 4, with the new ViewModel Templates the Cleanup() methods are not included, nor they are generated when added to the ViewModelLocator. As I read in other similar questions related to V3, V4 was planned to centralize cleaning resources, so how can it be achieved?

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They are gone from the templates but are still a good standard practice (they may come back yet as V4 is still a beta)

Basically just implement the clean up method your self and ensure that it is called at the appropriate time on existing / clean-up of the app.

The clean-up function isn't called by the MVVM framework itself as it is, you have to call it manually. (shoot me if I'm wrong in that statement there :D)

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Thank you, I will implement and call them manually. –  EduardoAlmeida Oct 1 '11 at 11:30

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