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I am using ImageFlow 9. I have an ImageFlow scroller script added in the Iframe. I want to have the images opened outside the iframe that is on the Parent page. Right now it is opening the images in the Iframe itself. What changes should I do and in which file?

There is a .js file that has a function as below -

image.onclick = function() { document.location = this.url; }   

Do I need to make the changes here or in the actual script that uses this code-

<img src="reflect.php?img=img/large1.jpg" longdesc="javascript:myLightbox.start('img/large1.jpg|Image 1');" alt="Image 1" />
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Create a JavaScript function on the parent page, and call that from the iFrame.

Something like

function openImage(url){
    // do your image handling stuff here

From the iFrame call the function:


ps: I recommend not using iFrames at all unless there is no other way (which most of the time is not the case)

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