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I am using supervisor to launch and manage a nginx process. So far this works perfectly. The problem I am having is shutting down the instance.

I have tried using "supervisorctl -c shutdown [all]" and this shuts down the daemon and in the supervisorctl interactive console it says nginx is stopped. However, if I do a ps -A | grep nginx command it still appears in the list.

My config for the nginx instance is as follows:

    -p /home/me/sites/project.domain.com/
    -c project/etc/nginx.conf

Any suggestion why nginx could not be shutting down?

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Have you made sure you are not starting up nginx in daemonized mode? It is important you start all your child-processes of supervisor in non-daemonized mode. I currently don't have nginx boot options at hand, but this might give you a start in the right direction.

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A little late, but yes, this did the trick. Processes were not being killed because they were deamonized. Thanks. –  Edvinas Mar 1 '12 at 8:25

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