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I am looking for a device that can be used, via an API, to record HDMI video.

I found several devices on the web but I am looking for one that does have an API that I could call and schedule recordings, that could be analysed lately.

Please specify if you were successful doing thing.

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ffmpeg can record from capture devices these days, FWIW...(assuming you mean windows, it uses dshow api) –  rogerdpack Mar 24 at 15:10

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If you want to capture in software, you need HDMI capture card with SDK and/or a driver to one of the well-known capture APIs, such as DirectShow in MS Windows. Something like this: Blackmagic Design Intensity or XtremeRGB-Ex4+ (PCIe).

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Thanks, I emailed them for confirmation regarding SDK availability. –  sorin Sep 29 '11 at 15:09

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