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I have a C# windows Forms application and when the start-up Form loads, i want to check the last time a backup was performed on the database the application connects to.

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you could create a store procedure that does the work for you. then you can execute it within the form's OnLoad event or where ever it fits for your need.

Have a look at the below for getting the T-SQL that does the trick

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These are taken from my automation of backups:

First get a list of all databases, including their database GUID:

select, db.database_id, rec.database_guid
  from sys.databases db
    inner join sys.database_recovery_status rec on db.database_id = rec.database_id
  where db.source_database_id is null and <> 'tempdb'

The condition on source_database_id excludes snapshots.

Then using the GUID from the above, get the date of the last full backup type='D' that isn't COPY_ONLY:

SELECT MAX(backup_finish_date) as backup_finish_date
  from msdb..backupset
  where type='D' and database_guid = @DbGuid and is_copy_only=0
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