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I need to compare dates within a query, the date is stored in the database like d-m-y (24-Mar-11) and I need to convert it to Ymd (20110324).

This is what my query looks like, I need to convert the C.SP_COMMENTS_ACTIVITY_DATE to Ymd

Is it possible to do this at run time or do I need a separate function to capture that value then convert it before running this query?

return $this->db
->from('SP_COMMENTS C')
->where('C.SP_COMMENTS_USERNAME', $user)
->where('C.SP_COMMENTS_YEAR_CODE', $year_code)
->where('C.SP_COMMENTS_ACTIVITY_DATE >=', date("Ymd", strtotime($this->input->post('user_begin_date'))))
->where('C.SP_COMMENTS_ACTIVITY_DATE <=', date("Ymd", strtotime($this->input->post('user_end_date'))))
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Your code seems to be correct...what's the output? any error message? –  Kemal Fadillah Sep 28 '11 at 14:22
No error message, it just does not return anything. I need to convert C.SP_COMMENTS_ACTIVITY_DATE from d-m-y to Ymd –  Brad Sep 28 '11 at 18:50
Not testet, but couldn't you use something like: $from = date("d-M-y", strtotime($this->input->post('user_begin_date')); $to = date("d-M-y", strtotime($this->input->post('user_end_date')); ->where("C.SP_COMMENTS_ACTIVITY_DATE BETWEEN '{$from}' AND '{$to}'"); –  danneth Sep 29 '11 at 9:50

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->where('DATE(C.SP_COMMENTS_ACTIVITY_DATE, "%Y%m%d") >=', date("Ymd", strtotime($this->input->post('user_begin_date'))))
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they did not work. I tried to_date as well. I am using CodeIgniter's Active Record and it probably does not execute oracle's DATE or TO_DATE function within it. –  Brad Sep 28 '11 at 14:09

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