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i'm looking for a solution to proceced deeplinks to a facebook fanpage like:

I need to get the value of parameter in my Fanpage app.

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Use the app_data parameter in your link, and the value of this will be passed to your app in the signed_request which is sent on page load. Many developers use JSON encoded data as the value for app_data as they want to store multiple values

This is documented here:

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Thank you, this helped me to find a Solution :) – Frederick Behrends Oct 6 '11 at 7:41

I don't understand clearly but what you want is getting parameters from url in facebook is not possible in pagetabs i tried it many times but it won't work.

The only way getting parameters from url in facebook is creating canvas app. Because canvas apps act like domain so you can use whole parameters and urls.

If i missunderstood sorry for it.

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