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It seems fairly common today for websites to perform some address verification behind the scenes. For example, the 4 digit extension on zip codes is commonly filled in. In addition to filling in the 4 digit zip code extension, I would like to know what county the address belongs to.

This will be utilized in an ASP.NET 3.5 application that already has all the hooks in place for ASP.NET AJAX along with jQuery.

What services out there would allow for this to be done? Web services, 3rd party includes, etc.

UI Structure

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If you've got cash, NetAddress is built for .NET.

It's also been asked on SO before: here.

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NetAddress doesn't appear to include county (I still haven't found one that includes county). –  James Manning Apr 9 '10 at 13:28
 <script type="text/javascript">
    function OpenChild() {
    var Area = document.getElemenenter code heretById('<%=ddlArea.ClientID %>');
    var City = document.getElementById('<%=ddlCity.ClientID %>');
    var State = document.getElementById('<%=ddlstate.ClientID %>');
    var Country = document.getElementById('<%=ddlCountryName.ClientID %>');
    if (Area.value != "" && City.value != "" && State.value != "" && Country.value != "") {
    var MyArgs = new Array(Area.options[Area.selectedIndex].text,
    var WinSettings = "center:yes;resizable:no;dialogHeight:500px;dialogWidth:900px;"
    // ALTER BELOW LINE - supply correct URL for Child Form
    var MyArgs = window.showModalDialog("http://YourURL/GoogleMapLocationSelector.aspx?Area=" + MyArgs[0].toString() + "&City=" + MyArgs[1].toString() + "&State=" + MyArgs[2].toString() + "&Country=" + MyArgs[3].toString(), MyArgs, WinSettings);

    if (MyArgs == null) {
    window.alert("Error occurred while setting geo location.");
    else {
    document.getElementById('<%=txtLongitude.ClientID %>').value = MyArgs[0].toString();
    document.getElementById('<%=txtLatitude.ClientID %>').value = MyArgs[1].toString();
    document.getElementById('<%=hfLatitude.ClientID %>').value = MyArgs[1].toString();
    document.getElementById('<%=hfLongitude.ClientID %>').value = MyArgs[0].toString();
    else {
    alert("Plz Select Area/City/State");
    return false;
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Welcome to SO. Please explain your code when you answer. –  Tim Nov 9 '12 at 7:43

The US Postal Service's website lists many address verification services.Publication 28 (PDF) is the addressing standard for US addresses. Unfortunately, it's more complicated than your schema.

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Depending on the license option you need UPS can be free.

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Note that the UPS Address Validation API limits usage to only those applications which intend to deliver packages through UPS. Although free, it can't be used solely to clean an address during data entry. –  Chris Lively Oct 29 '10 at 14:55

This is old, but if it can help someone, then my time was well spent. It sounds like what you are looking for can be accomplished in two ways.

1 - If you just want to append the county, based on the address, you can do this with a simple ZIP Code/County database.

2 - If you want to standardize the address, verify it, and then add the county to it, you'll need a service that provides frequently updated USPS data. This is part of our standard address verification API called LiveAddress. LiveAddress

I work for an address verification company called qualifiedaddress.

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