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I would like to know if there is an option I can use with GCC to get a detailed report on the optimization actually chosen and performed by the compiler. This is possible with the Intel C compiler using the -opt-report. I do not want to look at the assembly file and figure out the optimization. I am specifically looking for the loop unrolling and loop tiling factors chosen by the compiler.

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You definitely can for certain optimisations, e.g. -ftree-vectorizer-verbose=n tells you where that optimisation was applied and why other places it wasn't applied with sufficiently large n – Flexo Sep 28 '11 at 14:24

Although it's not a report in the sense of aggregated information, you might try the -fdump-ipa-all option which makes gcc produce dump files which at least keep you from having to analyse assembler code on what happend.

Regarding loop optimzation the -fdump-rtl-loop2 option might be of interest.

For details on all this please see section 3.9 Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC of the manual.

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here is some documentation on optimize options available in gcc

they have a lot of documentation there, i'm sure you could find something similar to what your looking for, hope that helps!

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