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I've been searching arround and I can't retrive JSON information from this example. Can anybody help me please?

var jsonURL = "http://mdc2.cbuc.cat/dmwebservices/index.php?q=dmGetCollectionList/json";

var jqxhr = $.getJSON(jsonURL, function(data) {
.success(function() { alert("second success"); })
.error(function() { alert("error"); })
.complete(function() { alert("complete"); });

jqxhr.complete(function(){ alert("second complete"); });

I've checked the URL and everywhere it says that is valid and well formated...

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You cannot retrieve JSON from a different domain, only if it is JSONP. –  Felix Kling Sep 28 '11 at 14:35

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Since that request is not returning proper jsonp, the browser can't interpret it.

If you have access to that server, it would need to be modified to accept a callback function such as ?callback=cbfunc which would then wrap the json response in a callback function, such as cbfunc(["foo","bar"]);

If you do not have access to that server, you can either use a 3rd party solution such as YQL, or you can build a server-side proxy that will make the request for you. For YQL, here's a page that can help:


choose the json radio button, then at the bottom of the page you'll find a url. just remove the callback=cbfunc part.

This is the url that was generated:


If the request contains any sensitive data, i would suggest against YQL and for using a server-side script to get the data.

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Well... The first answer is the reason why I can't retrive JSON and yours is how can I overpass the problem, right? Thanks you both! –  user969228 Sep 29 '11 at 9:27

Is the page running that code hosted on mdc2.cbuc.cat? Otherwise, you're probably running into the same origin policy.

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