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There is already a question regarding how to copy text in commandline in Vim. There are two alternative answers:

  1. ":p
  2. Ctrl + F then finding the previous command.

But these methods don't work when the previous command is a search. That is if I enter into command mode with / or ? then the search term used cannot be accessed with these methods.

Is there a way to copy text for search text as well?

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Ctrl+F opens the command-line window for previous commands when you are entering a command, and for previous searches if you entering a search. Another words, :,Ctrl+F is the same as q:, /,Ctrl+F and ?,Ctrl+F are the same as q/ and q?, respectively. –  ib. Sep 29 '11 at 1:38

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I believe you are looking for the / register. You can use "/p to paste the last search. While on the command-line you can use <c-r> followed by a register to insert the contents of the given register. example: <c-r>/ will paste the last search.

You may also wish to use q/ to do more extensive editing of your previous searches.

:h registers
:h q/
:h c_CTRL-R
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Similar to the answer to the question "How to copy text from commandline mode in Vim", use the / register to paste the most recent search pattern,


The whole history of searches can be explored using the command-line window (see :help cmdwin). To open it for editing of search strings from Normal mode, use the q/ or q? commands, to do the same when entering a search pattern for the / or ? commands, press the key combination specified by cedit option (Ctrl+F by default).

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