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i have downloaded a sonata admin bundle, and have placed in /var/www/Symfony/vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle, and have made an entry in AppKernel.php as $bundles = array( ... new Symfony\Bundle\SonataAdminBundle\SonataAdminBundle(),), but throwing an error as

Fatal error: Class 'Symfony\Bundle\SonataAdminBundle\SonataAdminBundle' not found in /var/www/Symfony/app/AppKernel.php on line 21 Call Stack: 0.0001 326332 1. {main}() /var/www/Symfony/web/app_dev.php:0 0.0122 1121592 2. Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel->handle()

please help me as i am very new to symfony 2. As a whole please give a link or detail like how to install/configure any bundle that is downloaded. Thanks Ravi.M

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In which namespace is the SonataAdminBundle class? – prehfeldt Sep 28 '11 at 16:03
You usually have to register a new namespace in app/autoload.php. Are you sure you did that? – gilden Sep 28 '11 at 17:26
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You need to move the bundle to


Then in AppKernel.php add

new Sonata\AdminBundle\SonataAdminBundle(),

in your $bundles array.

In autoload.php add

'Sonata'           => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',

to the $loader->registerNamespaces array

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First off, SonataAdminBundle lives in Sonata namespace, not Symfony. So you'll have to rewrite the instantiation in app/AppKernel.php to:

new Sonata\AdminBundle\SonataAdminBundle()

You also have to register namespace in app/autoload.php:

'Sonata' => __DIR__.'/path/to/parent/of/Sonata/folder'
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