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I'm using ImageIcons that I downloaded from a free icon site in my JButtons. Two of them have white backgrounds, and the other one has a black background. I would prefer not to have a background color clash, so I want to make all the backgrounds transparent. I've seen ways to make image backgrounds transparent, but I thought it was kinda roundabout to turn my ImageIcons into Images and back again. Is there a way to make the backgrounds of ImageIcons transparent without converting to Images?

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what is the format and the background of the actual images that you're using? – Aleks G Sep 28 '11 at 15:38
The format is png. Some of the backgrounds are white, some are black. – Eva Sep 28 '11 at 15:49

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This isn't a Java-solution, but it's a solution I use frequently nonetheless. Download/install Paint.NET and follow this discussion on how to make the background of images transparent. And then use the resulting image for the ImageIcon.

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Another non java solution: with photoshop you can select a small white rectangle of the background part, and then menu "Select" > "Similar" if you want to delete all white pixels, or "Grow" if you want to delete all white pixels touching your existing selection.

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