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I just completed working on a client's tool, which uses Jfreechart jar, and dll and a lib file for JNI interface. Now I would like to export/ provide a executable file to client, I tried to click on java project folder and export Java>Runnable Jar file (extract required libraries into generated JAR) , a Jar file is exported with some Warnings. However, we are not able to run the file on client's machine. How can I fix this, obviously I don't want to provide complete Java project and ask client to run from and IDE. Please provide me inputs.

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Since Java is a cross-platform environment, it doesn't really have "executable files" like EXEs or anything. Instead, you run your .jar file with the Java runtime. For example:

C:\>java.exe MyProgram.jar

Of course some operating systems will just do this for you once the Java runtime is installed.

There are some programs to convert .JAR to .EXE, but I believe they just compile a thin wrapper that calls into the Java runtime.

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need -jar option to execute java jar files – Hernán Eche Sep 28 '11 at 18:27

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