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I have two UIbuttons, and I want to assign the two buttons to a UITextView so that when one of the buttons is pressed, the text view content changes from what it had when previous button was pressed. I want to do this using a segmented control. How do I assign each segmented control different selectors in the NIB file?

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As mentioned you have to connect your IBAction to your UISegmentedControl in IB with the valueChanged: option (i think you usually set touchUpInside for uibuttons), then try this

- (IBAction)changeType:(id)sender{
    //segControl is an instance of UISegmentedControl
    segControl = sender;
       //do something
    else if (segControl.selectedSegmentIndex==1){

    }//and so on

Hope this helps.

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you can assign the segment control to a single IBAction. In that method use segment control's selectedSegmentIndex to identify which section is pressed and call the later functions accordingly

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