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Is there any way I can do a sleep in JavaScript before it carries out another action?


 var a = 1+3;
 // sleep 3 seconds before the next action here
 var b = a + 4;
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You can use setTimeout to achieve a similar effect:

var a = 1 + 3;
var b;
setTimeout(function() {
    b = a + 4;
}, (3 * 1000));

This doesn't really 'sleep' JavaScript—it just executes the function passed to setTimeout after a certain duration (specified in milliseconds). Although it is possible to write a sleep function for JavaScript, it's best to use setTimeout if possible as it doesn't freeze everything during the sleep period.

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Also have a look at setInterval(). It's similar to setTimeout(), but your function is called multiple times (until you stop it), which is useful if you want to do something while sleeping (like doing progress updates, keeping some internal state, or whatever). –  Anders Sandvig Feb 10 '10 at 8:28

In case you really need a sleep() just to test something. But be aware that it'll crash the browser most of the times while debuggin - probably that's why you need it anyway. In production mode I'll comment out this function.

function pauseBrowser(millis) {
    var date = Date.now();
    var curDate = null;
    do {
        curDate = Date.now();
    } while (curDate-date < millis);

Don't use new Date() in the loop, unless you want to waste memory, processing power, battery and possibly the lifetime of your device.

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