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I have three classes:

Class A 
string name
IList<AB> list

Class B

Class AB
A a
B b

Class B exists separate from A. It exists in its own right, and of is part of similar lists in other classes This is why I have the reference table.

Problem is, automapper generate schema gives me this schema:

A{id, name}

B{id, name}

AB{id, AFK}

WIth regards to the AB schema, I'm expecting BFK in there as well, and I'm not expecting the id field, as it's not needed. It should be a composite PK between AFK and BFK.

I'm using automapper, with no overrides at the mo.

Please note, I do not want to include IList into my Class B, as it has no place there.

Please help - I have been looking all over for the solution to this, and I feel it should be a simple solution. Back when I modelled from ER direct to sql tables this was how I was told to do it if the entities were both strong.

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unfortunately you have to override

HasMany(x => x.List)
    .Component(c =>
        c.ParentReference(x => x.A);
        c.References(x => x.B);
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That's great! Thanks very much. –  user676767 Sep 30 '11 at 10:20

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