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To call new windows, JavaScript functions and other internal stuff I've been using onclick along with cursor: pointer rather than using links with JavaScript in the href attribute. This prevents # from appearing in the URL in the status bar.

When linking to other pages I use normals hrefs with a friendly URL.

My Questions

  • Does using onclick instead of JavaScript in a link's href affect performance?

  • Does it affect search engine rankings?

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well... im not a good english speaker or writer... thnx for the edit! @Andy E –  Diego Favero Sep 28 '11 at 17:50

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To start off, it's a bad idea to practice this, because users who have disabled JavaScript cannot navigate at your site any more (NoScript).

That aside, it's not possible to rightclick, and bookmark/open the page in a new window.

If you don't want these "internal pages" to be indexed, add rel="nofollow" to your links.

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I see... but, Its out of my concept to make dynamics webpages wtithout javascript ( i kwon, i got lots to learn yet...) A good examples is here, the stackoverflow ... The second part: Yeah, its like this, most of those calls are for internal pages, but even, to UI interface has a few of those calls, like the photo and video's viewer. in that context, i have to introduce a new question: how to desapear with the '#' from URL and and status bar ? @Rob W ? .. i also dont want to show 'void(0)' on status bar ... –  Diego Favero Sep 28 '11 at 17:47
Add return false after your onclick handler, to not follow href. Alternatively, you can add javascript:// as a href attrbute. –  Rob W Sep 28 '11 at 17:51

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