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I'm using the PHP SOAP CRUD classes provided in the CRM 2011 Developer Training Labs.

The routines are working fine for standard read, create & updates. However, I can't work out how to define the GUID attribute, e.g. If I want to update the leadsourceid within a contact. Definition below. Result is not an error - it just doesn't complete the update.

    $accountsRequest = EntityUtils::getUpdateCRMSoapHeader($CRMURL, $securityData).
        '<s:Body><Update xmlns="">
            <entity xmlns:b="" xmlns:i="">
                <b:Attributes xmlns:c="">
                        <c:value i:type="d:guid" xmlns:d="">a9cc53ae-266f-e011-8d6c-1cc1de72e35e</c:value>
                <b:EntityState i:nil="true"/>
                <b:FormattedValues xmlns:c=""/>
                <b:RelatedEntities />
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To update a lookup value in SOAP you need to use an Entity Reference. The following updates the owner of the record for example.

    <b:value i:type="a:EntityReference">
       <a:Name i:nil="true" />
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