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I'm trying to add 2 actions inside an IBAction, one for 1 tap and a different one for a double tap, and I came up with this code:


UITouch * touch;


- (IBAction) button {

    BOOL tappedTwice = NO;
    if ([touch tapCount] == 2) {
        tappedTwice = YES;

    // Action    


      else if ([touch tapCount] == 1 && !tappedTwice) {

   // Action  

    } }

No errors, no warnings, but nothing happens when I tap the button... Any ideas???

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how are you initializing/setting the touch variable? Here's a link that might help – alex-i Sep 28 '11 at 18:47

You cannot capture events like that. The Action is tagged to touchUpInside event so you cannot capture single tap or double tap

Try this link

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