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Say we have an interface method A, which is reentrant capable and for every entry in the method the current thread shall wait until an event occurs specifically for this thread:

void interfaceMethodA()

Now, there will be set()-calls for the waitHandle, so that the method will be exited. But those set() calls must release a specific thread of the (possible) thread queue and not neccessarily the first one. What is a best practise for this pattern, maybe wait() and pulse() in combination with a thread id vector? To me this seems a bit like a mess...

Thanks in advance, Juergen

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You could use a ThreadLocal<WaitHandle>

ThreadLocal<WaitHandle> waitHandle = new ThreadLocal<WaitHandle>(() => new ManualResetEvent(false));

void interfaceMethodA()
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Thanks, I will have a look on this, it's new to me. – Juergen Sep 28 '11 at 18:54
@Juergen, it's new to the framework as well. You'll need 4.0 to use it. – scottm Sep 28 '11 at 18:55

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