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I am building a chrome extension that loads a real preview of links you click in your search results. I analyze the links that come up, and add a <base> url element that handles all relative urls.

However, when I do an ajax request for a pages html, but that page ultimately redirects, my <base> element is incorrect because it does not take into account the redirect that happened.

To re-iterate, A user clicks a search result, I send an ajax GET request to that url to receive the pages html. I analyze the link that was clicked, and add an appropriate <base> element when I insert the pages html. (There isn't anything else in the DOM other than an iframe of the search results, so the <base> element doesn't alter anything else.)

For any situation that doesn't have a redirect, the <base> element is always correct and works great.

When I search 'ty' on google, redirects to How can I detect the response came from  My <base> element ends up with

I am looking at attaching a window.onerror event that detects a 404 and somehow, I have no idea, corrects the <base> element.

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You cannot retrieve the final, redirected URL through the XMLHttpRequest object. You can however, create a workaround for this (replace your current <base> tag by the following code):

<!--BEFORE linking any content (at the beggining of HEAD / document-->
document.write('<base href="'+location.href.replace(/"/g,"%22")+'" />');

If you embed your script in the document, either use CDATA sections, or add a \ before the script tag, to prevent your page from incorrectly parsing the JavaScript code.

Example of an implementation:

function handleAjaxResponse(html){
  //Searching for `<head>` or `<html>` to insert your HTNL is not reliable:
  // The web master may practice:
  // .. (without html/head tags)..<body> <input value="<head>" /> ....
  html = "<script>" +
   "document.write('<base href=\"'+location.href.replace(/\"/g,'%22')+'\" />')" +
   "<\/script>" + html; //Notice <\/script> !

  //...output html...
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I'm currently developing functions to parse HTML strings and URLs within this string. See my profile. I expect to have finished these functions within a week. – Rob W Sep 28 '11 at 20:03
well the entire time the address bar is at google's search page. Running location.href returns So I don't think this would work at all. – Devin G Rhode Sep 28 '11 at 22:41
See my first statement. Unfortunately, you cannot get the redirected URL through XHR, because the Location: ... headers are automatically followed by JavaScript. Another (less reliable) option is trying to detect an absolute URL of a document (eg search for all absolute URLs, and set the base URL to the URL which appears significantly more often than the other URLs. – Rob W Sep 29 '11 at 6:50

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