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I'm curious whether anyone has written a git extension that handles discussions related to the repository inside the repository itself. It might resemble github's source level comments, or maybe provide a file level discussion, roughly an optional per file commit message, or even simply a bug tracking system inside the repository.

You could obviously handle things like bug tracking using an xml or flat file database inside the repository, but I'm curious what tools anyone has created that might simplify this.

Also, are there any tools running around that provide convenient notifications of changes in remote repositories?

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You could use the builtin git notes for a 1:N relation between commits and messages. Other than that, I don't really see what you are after except commit messages which git log has really many options for.

You could play with some hooks as well to listen in on events.

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Boxcar should do the trick. I use it to get new commits on my repos.

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In addition to chelmertz notice about the hooks. In my project I added a hook to the twitter profile, that I specifically create for current project, and now every time I, or any of collaborators commit something, this trigger a creation of the new twitt with commit message. Additionally everybody on the team, has access to this twitter account and can twitt there, just to make all process more live and fun.

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