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How can I run a .jar (Java) file on a server using FTP? I use the ftp command to enter the server, provide the IP address, username, password. Is it possible to run the java file?

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You cannot invoke non-ftp commands using ftp. Use ssh to access remote shell and invoke your commands.

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FTP is File Transfer Protocol. It's supposed to be used for manipulating files only.

If you need to run a Java file, I suggest you use SSH, RSH, Telnet, or some other method of getting an actual shell.

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You could use FTP to transfer your jar, and then use a crontab, or any other sort of scheduled task, to actually run it. It is not possible to execute commands using FTP.

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I believe you mean using ssh command to enter the server and if so

I think this might be a starting point : Can I run .jar file on Tomcat?

if not I don't think its possible.

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