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I want to create a database in which i can add and retrieve the Urdu words. for this purpose i installed Inpage 2009 professional and copied its fonts (.ttf) into assets folder but it gave an error i.e I also installed UrduFonts.exe and copied its font JameelNooriNastaleeq.ttf but it also gave the same error. i need the Urdu font that is compatible to the android , the font that can add and retrieve Urdu to and from the database using android. this is how i coded foa a Lcd2Mono.ttf and i am having the true experience of that font but i am unsuccessful. here is my piece of code..

private EditText txt,start,urdu;

 public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
 urdu=(EditText) findViewById(;
 urdu.setText("ur text");
 catch(Exception ex)

i did some with Inpage Fonts and got Exception that Native Font.....

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i think JameelNooriNastaleeq.ttf font is very huge, more than 10M (maybe somehow connected to your problem), i recommend to try something much more smaller like:

but still issue with connecting the urdu characters, like in this question:

how to add language support to android

what exception you got?

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