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I'm trying to use timthumb to dynamically resize an image using jQuery ajax:

load_link = "/images/timthumb.php&src=" + link + "&h=194&w=263";
    /* /images/timthumb.php&src=http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3631/5836439169_2230db5e6d_m.jpg&h=194&w=263 */

    $.get(load_link, updateLink);

    function updateLink(data) {

But I'm getting no response back from the ajax call. Does anyone know if this is even possible with timthumb?

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probably because the URL is not valid. Try to use this:

load_link = "/images/timthumb.php&src=" + encodeURI(link) + "&h=194&w=263";
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That might improve the link coding but still zero response from the php script –  Owen Sep 28 '11 at 19:42
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This worked:

load_link = encodeURI("&src=" + link + "&h=194&w=263&marko=1");
$.get('/images/timthumb.php', load_link, updateLink);

function updateLink(data) {
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