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I have multiple div's in a webpage URL that I have to parse which have the same class name but different names with no id's.

for eg.

<div class="answer" style="display: block;" name="yyy" oldblock="block" jQuery1317140119108="11"> 


<div class="answer" style="display: block;" name="xxx" oldblock="block" jQuery1317140119108="11">

I want to select data and parse from only one of the div's say namely (name="yyy") (the content inside the div's are <href> links which differ for each class.

I've looked up the selector syntax in the Jsoup webpage but can't get a way to work around it. Can you please help me with this or let me know if I'm missing something?

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Use the [attributename=attributevalue] selector.

Elements xxxDivs ="div.answer[name=xxx]");
// ...

Elements yyyDivs ="div.answer[name=yyy]");
// ...
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your previous answer worked great, only after I entered the right syntax I realized there was another div with the same name i.e., there are two div class="answer" style="display: block;" name="xxx" oldblock="block" there way I could differentiate between the two of them? – Nani Sep 28 '11 at 19:50
Look for a different and more unique attribute or content so that you can distinguish them. Or if it's in a fixed order, you could also just get the first one by .first() or the second or last one by .get(1) or .last(). – BalusC Sep 28 '11 at 19:52

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