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I'm using a Javascript object containing a list of phone codes to generate a dropdown menu in XUL. My object has this form:

var CountryCodes = {

The code for populating the menupopup looks like this:

var docfrag = document.createDocumentFragment();

for( var country in CountryCodes ) {
  var this_country = document.createElementNS(XUL_NS,'menuitem');
  this_country.setAttribute( 'label', country );
  this_country.setAttribute( 'value', CountryCodes[ country ] );
  docfrag.appendChild( this_country );
$('countryCodePopup').appendChild( docfrag );
$('countryCode').setAttribute( 'selectedIndex', 0 );

and my XUL looks like this:

 <menulist id="countryCode">
    <menupopup id="countryCodePopup"></menupopup>

However, when I run it on the page, the menuitem gets created properly, but the first element of the menu doesn't get selected. I tried to set a selected attribute on one of the fields, but the result is the same. What am I missing here?

Thanks! Luka

Update: As it turns out, I was setting selectedIndex incorrectly. It should have been done like so: $('countryCode').selectedIndex = 10;

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I really don't understand your code(i'm sorry) but I've given the answer as per documentation in Firefox XUL website. – linguini Sep 28 '11 at 20:59
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Try like this:

 document.getElementById("countryCode").selectedIndex = 10;

For reference, please check this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/XUL_Tutorial/Manipulating_Lists

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