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In our app we had some actions that we required the user to reauthenticate before proceeding. We used code like below to make this happen.

  function(response) { /* code here */ }, 
  {auth_type: 'reauthenticate', auth_nonce: '...'}

It looks like the auth_type option is no longer supported, because I am getting the following log message: 'FB.login() called when user is already connected.' and the user is not being asked to reauthenticate.

Does anyone have any ideas how to reauthenticate after the changes for OAuth 2.0?

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It appears that, for the time being (and I qualify that because Facebook seems to change their API response on a whim), you can get auth_type: reauthenticate to work properly IF you also specify permissions (the scope parameter in OAuth 2.0). Check out this example:

In the example, click Run Code, and then try the "FB.login()" and "FB.login() with Permissions" buttons. Both are coded to use auth_type: reauthenticate, but only the latter actually gives you the FB prompt once you are logged in.

Here are the relevant examples:

document.getElementById('fb-login').onclick = function() {
    function(response) {'FB.login callback', response);
    { auth_type: 'reauthenticate' }

document.getElementById('fb-permissions').onclick = function() {
    function(response) {'FB.login with permissions callback', response);
    { scope: 'offline_access', auth_type: 'reauthenticate' }

So, the answer is, Yes, auth_type: reauthenticate DOES work, but ONLY if you also specify a valid scope parameter. (And yes, I tried it with an empty scope, and it acted the same as not using scope at all.)

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You can use an iframe to make sure the cookie is always valid.

facebook auto re-login from cookie php

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This doesn't accomplish what I need. Setting auth_type to reauthenticate would present the user the Facebook username and password dialog again. We were using this for added security before performing certain actions. – Andrew Chandler Sep 29 '11 at 17:19
Then you can periodically log him off and then relog him. That would display the dialog, no? – Uri Sep 29 '11 at 21:30

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