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I'm facing the following problem: I have a table (new_form) that lists units that should answer a formulary. The information about those units are in another table (units), including the code of city (city_code) where they are. I want to find the information in the first table (new_form) about all the units that are there and are located in an specific city (8383).

SELECT * FROM `new_form`
WHERE `unit_number`=(
    SELECT `unit_number`
    FROM `units`
    WHERE `city_code`=8383

The way it is now, I get this error:

#1242 - Subconsulta retorna mais que 1 registro
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Use IN:

FROM `new_form`
WHERE `unit_number` in (
    SELECT `unit_number`
    FROM `units`
    WHERE `city_code`=8383

Alternately, you could use a JOIN:

FROM `new_form` f
INNER JOIN `units` u on f.`unit_number` = u.`unit_number`
WHERE u.`city_code`=8383
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And what about the oposite way? How do I get the 'city_name' and 'city_code' from all entries in the table 'cities' that have units in the 'new_form' table? –  hbmuller Sep 28 '11 at 20:47
nevermind... i've figured out a way.... –  hbmuller Sep 28 '11 at 21:11

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