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In Postgres 8.3, I need to group by certain elements within an array field. When I group by the array itself, all possible combinations are shown. I only want to group by the element.

something like this works for finding the count of a single element:

SELECT count(*)
FROM table
WHERE foo=any(bar)

this will return the correct count for a single element in an array. How do I return multiple counts for all elements in an array? If I group by the array, it will use all array elements in the identical order they are stored (not what I need).

edit for clarity: bar is an array with values like {foo, some, thing} or {foo, thing} or {some, thing, else}

I want to know how many records have an element value of foo, some, thing, and else in the array "bar".

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Something like

GROUP BY bar[4]
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is this the actual syntax? I am running 8.3, and not getting it to work with your syntax. I will update my question with a better example. –  Josh Oct 6 '11 at 15:56

Hm.. you can't group by a value.. but of course the value is the column that contains it... So.. you might want this:

SELECT AVG(blah), foo
FROM whatever
WHERE foo=any(bar)

should work..

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that doesn't work for me. if bar = {f,o,o} your example is: SELECT AVG(), f FROM whatever WHERE f=any(bar) group by f –  Josh Sep 28 '11 at 20:57

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