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I can't seem to include glu.h in my Android NDK project.

I'm trying to port existing C++ code to NDK, and it uses glu in a few places (notably gluErrorString).

Does OpenGLES not have glu?

Is there a port I can use?

If not I can probably remove the calls to things like gluPerspective and so on, but what do I do about gluErrorString?

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Was my answer useful for you or you would like to wait for another solution? – Idolon Oct 11 '11 at 16:22
Sorry Idolon, that was rather rude or me but I've been busy. Fortunately it still lets me award the rep, and I have done so. – DaedalusFall Oct 11 '11 at 18:30
NP, we all have real life ;) That's why 24 hours grace period has been added recently to the bounty system. Thanks for the rep. – Idolon Oct 12 '11 at 11:34
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Does OpenGL ES not have glu?

No, it doesn't. Look at this: Platform OpenGL Includes collection. Under Android there are only the following headers:

OpenGL ES 1.1:

#include <GLES/gl.h>
#include <GLES/glext.h>

OpenGL ES 2.0:

#include <GLES2/gl2.h>
#include <GLES2/gl2ext.h>

Is there a port I can use?

Yes, there is a partial port of GLU for Android - GLU ES (it supports gluErrorString, gluPerspective and numerous other functions):

GLU 1.3 partitial port (libutil and libtess components only) for OpenGL ES 1.x (CM - Common profile) and above.

This port supports:

  • Quadrics: gluNewQuadric(), gluDeleteQuadric(), gluQuadricCallback(), gluQuadricNormals(), gluQuadricTexture(), gluQuadricOrientation(), gluQuadricDrawStyle(), gluCylinder(), gluDisk(), gluPartialDisk(), gluSphere().
  • Registry: gluGetString(), gluCheckExtension(), gluErrorString().
  • Projection matrix manipulation: gluOrtho2D(), gluPerspective(), gluLookAt(), gluProject(), gluUnProject(), gluUnProject4(), gluPickMatrix(). 2D Mipmaps: gluScaleImage(), gluBuild2DMipmapLevels(), gluBuild2DMipmaps().
  • Tesselation: gluBeginPolygon(), gluDeleteTess(), gluEndPolygon(), gluGetTessProperty(), gluNewTess(), gluNextContour(), gluTessBeginContour(), gluTessBeginPolygon(), gluTessCallback(), gluTessEndContour(), gluTessEndPolygon(), gluTessNormal(), gluTessProperty(), gluTessVertex().
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Thanks, that looks like a good start. Doesn't build for android out of the box, but I should be able to pull out what I need. It annoys me slightly that there seems to be a glu for android java but not android ndk. – DaedalusFall Oct 11 '11 at 18:33
Can you help me "pull out what I need"? Specifically I just want to be able to draw quadrics - see my new SO question: – Tony Wickham Dec 7 '14 at 18:56

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