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I'm new with java and tomcat, so, excuse me if it's silly.

I would like to send commands (from the console) to a servlet that is already running on tomcat. The webapp will run the command in the tomcat context and return the appropiate answer.


$ consoleApp status

Is it possible?, if yes, how?

thanks in advance.

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You can make HTTP GET (or POST) requests to your servlet from the command line using tools like curl or wget and then process the servlet's response. Advantage: If properly set up, you can run those commands also from a remote location.

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Yes, you can use several command line tools such as curl or wget to call your servlet and obtain the response.

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and if you want to more than simple, you can make a simple program that communicate with servlet by HTTP Post or GET request. The key is :

How to communicate with servlet, we can use several http method and any other protocol.

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