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I have some xml files that will be read-only that I need to access on a random basis. They are xml files that contain user data I need to merge with rtf documents.

There will probably be less than 10 files, but more than 5. As I loop through a list of documents I will have to select the correct xml file for the merge. I have a cross mapping file that links the document name to the xml file, so I know which one I need as I loop, but I need all of them available as I will be switching constantly between the xml files during the looping process.

Is there a simple solution for this rather than using some open source cache?



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Couldn't you just read them into a singleton? –  Dave Newton Sep 28 '11 at 22:27

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java.util.Map is your friend when you don't need a full-grown cache.

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If you're reading the XML in as DOM, then you can put the Document into your map instead of the file or file name.

EDIT: I just realized you said "mapping file", not "map" as in java.util.Map. That would be your first step - processing your mapping file and generating that Map of names -> Documents.

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