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I have a CMFCPropertyGridCtrl that I'm using in an options dialog box. I have a method in my options dialog class called InitPropertyGrid(). This method clears any properties and populates the CMFCPropertyGrid objects (using a custom Settings object for the property values) and appends them to the grid.

When I open my dialog box the first time all the properties show correctly. However, if I then close my dialog box and reopen it, the very last property is not drawn on the screen. All other properties are drawn normally:

First time:

enter image description here

All subsequent times:

enter image description here

As you can see, the plus/minus icon is showing minus in both cases to indicated the section is expanded. When the last item is not showing, clicking on the +/- icon once to contract and once to expand causes the last item to be correctly shown.

Note when I close the dialog box, I do not destroy it but just reshow it. However immediately before calling ShowWindow on the dialog I call the InitPropertyGrid() (called by UpdateToCurrentSettings) method.

if(optionsDialog_ == NULL)
    optionsDialog_ = new OptionsDialog(settings_, this);
    optionsDialog_->Create(OptionsDialog::IDD, this);

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I found I can eliminate this problem simply by calling myPropertyGrid.ExpandAll(TRUE) at the end of the code where I initialize the property grid (InitPropertyGrid() for me). This seems to force all the properties to expand.

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