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Does anyone know of a solution or strategy for parsing and translating recurring events in any given language?

I've got some code that sort of works, but I'm having trouble even wrapping my brain around a solid approach.

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By "parse" you mean free-form text in any language?

That is nearly impossible to do. The problem is, you can describe that in many ways (even in English, right?). Put inflection in the picture and...
You would need some kind of cognitive system, that is you would need to employ machine learning. Theoretically speaking you'll be interested in only few ontologies but getting translated versions of them might not be too easy (I have seen a presentation of such web service but I believe it was more academic work and the service is not publicly available).

Taking these facts into account, I can suggest (unless you really must parse free form text, i.e. sent via email or something) that you create a form where people can actually choose recurring frequency and options (i.e. ignore holidays, etc.). It is still uneasy task but...

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Ah! No, 'parse' was completely the wrong word to use. I meant to say outputting structured data for recurring events (rrules) in translated language. I'll update my question. – user225643 Sep 30 '11 at 1:59
Actually, I've just made a better question:… – user225643 Sep 30 '11 at 2:12

There are various libraries which can parse RRULE's in several languages.

RRULE Libraries

C - libical
Python - python-dateutil
Ruby - ice_cube
Javascript - google-caja or rrule
Java - iCal4j
PHP - when

As for strategies, take a look at the standard here which provides architectural pseudo-code for abstracting rrule data.

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