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I would assume that someone would have found an easy solution to this but I haven't found a straight-forward method. I want to build a seeker bar for playing back audio through the MediaPlayer. I haven't been able to find something like an onSeekChanged listener in the MediaPlayer object so I've built an AsyncTask that just keeps refreshing through a while(playing) loop and updates the duration and bar. This doesn't seem to be the best way, however, since this while loop causes the app to run very slowly (the audio doesn't lag, but buttons like pause are delayed). So I want to know what the best implementation is for building a seeker that is efficient. This isn't a difficult question since so many apps use it, I just want to know what the proper way of doing this should be. Thanks!

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try MediaController, you can refer ApiDemos for samples. it does all the job. just ignore the video part. – Samuel Sep 29 '11 at 0:18

First of all you need put sleep at least 1 millisecond in your cycle whit:


Second you can calculate needed time for next recheck:

Thread.sleep(1000 - currentPos % 1000);

This algorithm is used in standard MediaController.

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