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s = "foo_bar_path"

How can I eval or constantize s, and pass arguments to it, such as my final result would be the equivalent of:

foo_bar_path(@myvar, @foobar)

I was trying eval(s).send but that doesn't seem to work. And constantize seems to only work on Classes?

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You would just use the send method on the appropriate object:

some_object.send(s, @myvar, @foobar)

or if you want to call a method on yourself:

self.send(s, @myvar, @foobar)

The documentation says "symbol" but send is just as happy to get the method name in a string.

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Here is another example of what I am trying to do: given s = "puts", I want to be able to 'methodize' s, and pass it an argument, so something like eval(s) "hello world" would yield the equivalent output of "hello world", ie, it would execute the expression puts "hello world". –  Geremy Nov 9 '11 at 2:35
@user970193: Possibly the current object so maybe send(s, @mybar, @foobar). We're a bit short on context here. –  mu is too short Nov 9 '11 at 2:37
s = "puts"; send(s, "hello world") does exactly what I want! Thanks mu! –  Geremy Nov 9 '11 at 2:40

Another way to go about this sort of this sort of thing (better for OpenStruct):

#for more in this domain, see the Ruby core API for the Object class
class Demo
  def initialize(n)
    @iv = n
  def hello()
    "Hello, @iv = #{@iv}"

k = Demo.new(99)
m = k.method(:hello)
m.call   #=> "Hello, @iv = 99"
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