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I'm learning Linux administration and after that i'm going to learn programming on Linux using Python.

While i'm reading in a Linux Administration book, i came into Shell scripting chapter. I saw Bash language and i got dizzy. Let's say it's not one of the good-looking languages in my humble opinion.

And i said to myself. I'm gonna learn Python at the end.. Why not just use in instead of Bash ?

Now, is there anything wrong for a total beginner in shell scripting to use Python and not learn Bash at all ?

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Python is not a shell scripting language, because there are basically no Python shells in production use. You can do everything in Python that you can do in bash, but it won't be as natural if you're fundamentally trying to write "shell scripts" in the classic sense--scripts that just invoke a series of other programs like mv and gzip and ssh and so on.

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