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Hi I am new to Zedgraph and I can only find few examples and information. What I need to do is simple just change the color of the axes from default black to white.This is because I want to use black fill for my panes. So I try the following

pane.XAxis.Type = AxisType.DateAsOrdinal;
            pane.XAxis.Color = Color.White; ;
            pane.Y2Axis.Color = Color.White;

Strangely this seems to have no effect and my axis lines are still invisible(lost in the black fill).


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Your approach is right, but the axes are overlain by the chart border. So you have two options:
Either make the border invisible:

pane.Chart.Border.IsVisible = false;

Or set also the color of the border to white:

pane.Chart.Border.Color = Color.White;

But be aware, that

pane.XAxis.Color = Color.White;

only effects the axis-line. For coloring all elements of the axis, you also have to set the Colors of Title, Scale, MajorTic, MinorTic, MajorGrid, and MinorGrid of each axis (see ZEDGraph API).

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