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Is there any way to redirect http requests that go to mail.mydomain.com (which is my mail server) to go to the webmail interface, mydomain.com/webmail? I've tried to create a subdomain called mail.mydomain.com, but it conflicts with my mail server and cPanel won't allow me to create it. Any ideas?

I have been looking for hours and can't find a solution. Please help!

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there are bunch of sub-domains CPanel creates for each domain. for example if you register mydomain.com , CPanel creates:

  • ftp.mydomain.com
  • mail.mydomain.com
  • cpanel.mydomain.com
  • vhm.mydomain.com

by default all these sub-domains point at current server, so If you want to use FTP, there is no difference between mydomain.com or ftp.mydomain.com. Both will work.
So, for your mail sub-domain you can set a document root for it(e.g your webmail interface directory). and because SMTP and POP3 are on diffrent ports, it will work fine with mail clients like Thunderbird.
For setting document root to mail.mydomain.com login to your CPanel and go to Advanced DNS editing part and delete mail.mydomain.com. Then create sub-domain with this name. you can set document root to webmail interface or redirect users to mydomain.com/webmail. that's your call.

Note: I haven't tested it my self but I tested such thing for FTP. let me know if it fails.

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That worked perfectly! Thanks!! –  tim Sep 29 '11 at 4:21
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