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Does jquery animate method have a onStart callback. I know about the complete callback but don't see anywhere to use other callbacks like onStart or initialize .

I want onStart callback because when I am calling animate(), it may not start immediately but queued due to previous animation not finished.

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Once you call the animate method, it will run while your other javascript code is running. So the equivalent of having an onStart callback would be putting the code you want to run immediately after the animate method. Additionally, there is a 'step' function you can use.. http://api.jquery.com/animate/#step .. I haven't used it, but it seems like you can check for the initial CSS values you're working with and only execute code based on that. Could be a performance issue though if you're animating a lot of parts.

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On start occurs when you fire your animation

function onStart(){
function onStart()
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I've used this method in the past and it seems to work pretty well. Hopefully it can work for you.

$('#tiles .tile').animate({
    'left': '+=100px'
    duration    : 250,
    step        : function(now, fx) {
        var $this = $(this),
            data  = $this.data('anistart');
        if (!data) {
            $this.data('anistart', {
                start : fx.start,
                end   : fx.end
    complete    : function () {
        var $this = $(this),
            data  = $this.data('anistart');
        if (data.end !== parseInt($this.css('left'), 10) {
            $this.css('left', data.end);

As you can see, on the step function, I'm testing to see if the object has previously set data. If not I set it and that's it.

On the complete function, I make sure the position is what it should be, if not, I set it. You could most likely do away with the test and just set it, but not sure which one is more of a performance hit (the check or the css set).

So no matter what the case, you set a variable on start, and if its not set then you know its the first time... i.e. its being initialized.

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.animation() have a undocumented start options

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