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I have defined a user resource, and each user has several items. Now I want to add a route for /user/:id/items(.:format), instead of defining items as nested resource, I use member route:

resources :user do
  member do
    match "/items" => "items#index", :via => [:get]

The problem is when I try to write rspec for the controller, I don't know what action should I use to access items#index. I tried

describe ItemsController do
  it "denies access to item index without login" do
    sign_out @user
    get "index", :user_id => @user.id, :format => :json
    response.code.should == "401"
  # ...

But after executing rake spec:controllers it says

Failure/Error: get "index", :user_id => @user.id, :format => :json
  No route matches {:user_id=>"1", :format=>"json", :controller=>"items"}

I am using Rails 3.1. How can I use rspec to test this member route? Thanks.

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Pretty sure it needs to be:

get :index, :id => @user.id, :format => :json

You need to pass :id, not :user_id

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It works. Thanks, and sorry for the late accept. –  ZelluX Dec 28 '11 at 18:33
No worries, glad it worked. –  raidfive Dec 28 '11 at 19:29

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