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I am using PrimeFaces-3.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT pickList. I want to invoke some function on transfering any item from source to target and vice versa so as to update the contents of another picklist.

I tried by adding


In refreshList() I add the contents to a list which is set as value for the other pickList whose contents are to be updated and the autoupdate attribute of p:outputPanel which contains the second pickList is set as true.

But I have to invoke the function by some other means (using a commandButton etc) to update the second pickList. How can I update the second pickList without doing so?

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transfering any item from source to target and vice versa

does not submit the form to server.


executes only when the form is submitted to the server and the value of component (in your case the 'picklist') has actually changed.

So, what you need to do is - submit it every time the transferring takes place.

You can use the onTransfer attribute of the PickList.

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