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there are checkboxes, dropdown select and multiple select components in my webform, I want that they bind the same event that will be triggered when items are check(unchecked) or selectd(unselected), show should do that? Is there a clever and neat way?

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you can use the :input to target all the inputs, select, buttons on your site. and then bind the .change() event.

$(":input").bind("change", function() {
    //What you want to happen

you can even bind more events like click depending on what oyu want to do:

$(":input").bind("change click", function() {
    //What you want to happen

or if you want specific inputs:

$("input.special, select.myFormSelect, #username").bind("change click", function() {
    //What you want to happen
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you can bind multiple event like $(":input").bind('change click select', function(){}); –  run Sep 29 '11 at 5:27

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