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Installing Excel 2010 add-in on the target machine with Office 2010 + .Net framework 4.0 is absolutely fine. However, I am not sure whether or not Excel 2010 add-in is compatible with Excel 2007 and .Net 3.5.

Could anyone please tell me some basic ideas about deploying Excel 2010 add-in for that target environment? I'd appreciate that.

Also, in the Prerequisites of setup project, I have currently got .NET 4 client profile , VS2010 tools for office runtime, Windows Installer 3.1 checked. Do I need to check any other options?



Managed to install Excel 2010 Add-in onto target machine that runs Office 2007. Mostly the steps have been covered by this tutorial but there are a few tricks that we need to be aware of.

Main project

  • Be sure to check the target framework of your application in your main project

Setup project

  • In registry editor, create following new keys in additional to those suggested in the above tutorial, if you are deploying automation add-in (e.g. HKCR \ CLSID \ {your custom class id} \ Programmable)

  • Set Programmable key to AlwaysCreate = True ( The UDF will not appear in the automation server list if you don't create this Key and set it properly )

  • In launch conditions editor, Add Windows Installer Search, and rename it Search for Office 2007 Shared PIA

  • Set ComponentId to {1ABEAF09-435F-47D6-9FEB-0AD05D4EF3EA} ( This is Excel 2007 Component ID )

  • (For Excel 2010, use {EA7564AC-C67D-4868-BE5C-26E4FC2223FF})

Hope it helps those who are trying to deploy Excel automation add-in for Office 2007 & 2010.

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Do you have the primary interop assemblies for Excel 2007 installed?

See this for detailed documentation on how to deploy VSTO 2010 add-in.

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Hmm. so you are saying I should check Office 2007 PIA option in prerequisites section? –  woodykiddy Sep 29 '11 at 6:33
Also thanks for the link, I am having a look at that right now. –  woodykiddy Sep 29 '11 at 6:33

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