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When I map multiple values to @RequestMapping(like Multiple Spring @RequestMapping annotations), can I get the requested value(URL)?

Like this:

@RequestMapping(value={"/center", "/left"}, method=RequestMethod.GET)
public String getCenter(Model model) throws Exception {     
    String requestedValue = getRequestedValue();  // I want this.

    // I want to do something like this with requested value.
    String result; 
    if (requestedValue.equals("center")
        result = "center";
    else if (requestedValue.equals("left")
        result = "left";
    return result;
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You can have the Request (HttpServletRequest) itself as an parameter of the handler method. So you can then inspect the request url to get the "value".

@RequestMapping(value={"/center", "/left"}, method=RequestMethod.GET)
public String getCenter(Model model, HttpServletRequest request) throws Exception {             
   String whatYouCallValue = request.getServletPath(); 

Btw: when I understand you rigth, you want to have different urls, not different values.

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Thanks it works. I called it values because the name of property is value, but now I think it could be confusing. I'll correct some. – Sangdol Sep 29 '11 at 7:28
I accepted my answer, because it looks cleaner. – Sangdol Jan 20 '14 at 6:55
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From Spring 3.1.0, you can use URI Template Patterns with Regular Expressions.

@RequestMapping(value={"/{path:[a-z-]+}"}, method=RequestMethod.GET)
public String getCenter(@PathVariable String path) throws Exception {             
    // "path" is what I want
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Use RequestParam annotation. You can also add a parameter of type HttpServletRequest to your method and then getParameters from that.

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It seams that Sangdol mean different urls, not http values. (So his term "values" is a bit confusing) – Ralph Sep 29 '11 at 5:57

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