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When I'm focus on an input field on an iPhone, the Shift key is turned on to make sure that the input starts with upper case. Is there a way to turn off this functionality and not have the Shift key when I focus on a field?

I understand why this might be good in some cases but in my case this is a user name or email field, most of which don't start with upper case letter.

Update: The answer lead me to Safari Web Content Guide page which I'll be referencing more often from now on.

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You can solve it by setting autocapitalize as off

<input type="text" name="test1" autocapitalize="off"/>

and also Set the autocorrect attribute of your textbox as off to turn off the auto correct feature.

<input type="text" name="test1" autocorrect="off"/>
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There is a proprietary attribute for that: autocapitalize (on/off)

<input type="email" name="username" autocapitalize="off">

Please note that this is not a W3C standard and will result in invalid code.

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